Membrane Keyboards

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Manufactured in the UK, EL lamps are a highly reliable, cost effective backlighting solution.

EL lamps have many applications : Membrane keyboards, automotive instrumentation, point of sale displays and emergency and exit lighting.

Combined with low power consumption and long life, they are ideally suited for use in hostile environments and under extreme operating conditions.

High visibility in fog, smoke and up to long distances. Waterproof and temperature resistant, perfect for indoor/outdoor use.

Maintenance free operation for thousands of hours. Resistant to shocks and vibrations, virtually unbreakable.

Solid-state/No moving parts, extremely high reliability. High durability and longevity. Easy to install and clean.


Membrane Keyboard

Membrane keyboards offer complete flexibility with your choice of size, shape and colour. Embedded LED or electroluminescent lighting.

Durable and easily cleaned, membrane keyboards create a sealed front panel solution that can be used in many applications

Tactile or non-tactile response, chemical resistant materials, selective surface finishes.

Specifications: Membrane
Life expectancy: 2 million operations
Operating voltage: 30V max
Operating current: 50mA max
Contact rating: 1 VA max
Contact resistance: <100 ohms typical depending on circuit conductor length
Insulation resistance: 50 megohms min.



Produced specifically to our customers requirements Graphic overlays can enhance the appearance of your product.





PCB based keyboards combine the graphic and electronic elements of your control panel.

Custom keyboards has the technology for producing both surface mount and conventional printed circuit board assemblies.

Specifications: PCB Tactile
Life expectancy: 3 million operations
Operating voltage: 30V max
Operating current: 50mA max
Contact rating: 1 VA max
Contact bounce: 10ms max on make/ 20 on break
Contact resistance: 5 ohms typical, 50 ohms max
Insulation resistance: 10 megohms min
Dielectric strength: 250 VRMS min 50 Hertz
Operational/storage temp: -40°c +80°c
Relative humidity: 95%


Don’t leave the antenna selection until last, it can be the most important part of a successful product.

No matter where you are in the development Dextronix can provide the necessary support and test services required to deliver high performing antenna solutions with reliable and predictable performance tuned to your application.


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